Core Skills

  • Editing
  • Motion Design
  • Direction


  • Analog Photography
  • Virtual Reality
  • Virtual Production

I'm a freelance video editor at some of India’s leading production companies that create commercial and artistic content for a variety of celebrity clients. I have also worked as Assistant Cinematographer, Writer, Colourist and Director on several short film productions that explore a range of themes in the drama, thriller, social commentary, narrative and musical genres.

Vicarious Prism is a company formed in 2021, with a vision to push the boundaries of storytelling, experimental film making and modern cinema. He also aims to expand India’s presence in the realm of animation, Sci-Fi and virtual reality cinema through socially relevant themes that challenge individuals and society to immerse themselves into the experience of a film.

Selected works

Nee Dhaarey Nee Katha

Feature Film Editor

A slice of life, comedy drama film that moves through seemingly light hearted instances and conversations in engaging with the message of pursuing what makes one fulfilled.

Barsaat – An Animated Musical

Producer | Director | Screenplay | Editing | Cinematography

Barsaat is an Indian animation music video that tells the story of a love that evolves through the rainy days of life. A Vicarious Prism production directed by Vipin Samuel, Barsaat features a soul-stirring song by composer and music producer Ashwin Syam.

The visuals of the film are inspired by Munnar, a hill station in Kerala, and are accompanied by lyrics that echo the deep belonging that the characters feel for each other, against the backdrop of rain.

Barsaat – Director’s Cut

Producer | Director | Screenplay | Editing | Cinematography

The Director’s Cut takes you into the early days of Barsaat, and is filled with sketches and drawings depicting scenes from the lives of the characters. The colours and visuals that eventually went on to be further developed show the initial steps of our process, and awaken the glow of the inception of a six-year journey.

Where The Heart Is – Season 7

Episode Editor | Motion Graphics

Delve into the homes and hearts of your favourite celebrities. From rich decor stories to meaningful explorations of the feeling of "home", this season will leave you with tons of inspiration and warmth.

Where The Heart Is – Season 6

Episode Editor | Motion Graphics

With the brand new season of Asian Paints Where The Heart Is, we take home tours of seven of India’s favourite celebrities. Right from the lush exteriors to the elegant interiors, watch them bare their heart about the outcome of their love, sweat and aspirations - their home.

Where The Heart Is – Season 5

Episode Editor

Asian Paints Where The Heart Is Season 5 is here. Step into the hearts and homes of the people you love to discover the untold stories of their beautiful corners.

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